Wa Glass (Japan Glass Art)

"Isn't it possible to preserve the. Japanese spirit and traditions that have been spun from the predecessor to posterity?"

Based on the experience and knowledge gained in kimono design,
glass crafts, and modern architecture, the traditional beauty of the kimono was
carefully processed and preserved into a special glass. Welcome to the world of Wa Glass.

-Mitsuyasu Yokota


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Mitsuyasu Yokota

As an artist, he has held exhibitions in Dubai, Texas, Bangkok, Paris, and Shanghai, and won a prize at the 30th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Held a solo exhibition at the New York Japan Club, sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in New York. As a writer, he has been featured on more than 15 TV programs such as NHK "Luson's Pot", TV Tokyo "Gaia's Dawn", "Japanese Style Originator" and "Kyoto Chishin". Received the Higashikuninomiya Cultural Award.

Oct. 2014: Solo exhibition at the former Japan Club sponsored by the Japanese Consulate in New York

Mar. 2015: Selected for the "30th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition"

Sept. - Nov. 2016: Solo exhibition across the United States from Brooklyn to Chelsea and Austin

Nov. 2016: Received the Higashi Kuninomiya Cultural Award

Mar. 2017: Osaka Art Solo Exhibition, Nagoya Castle "Peacock Room" Solo Exhibition

Aug. 2017: Nagoya Marriott Hotel Solo Exhibition

Sept. 2017: Bangkok Exhibition

Mar. 2018: Tokyo Big Sight Solo Exhibition

May 2018: Donated to His Imperial Highness Saudi Arabia

Jun. 2018: Paris and Kyoto City Memorial Presented with Japanese glass as a souvenir of the event

Jul. 2018: Solo exhibition at Roppongi Hills

May 2019: Selected for "Nikkokai Exhibition" at Tokyo Museum of Art,Selected for "Kansai Niki Exhibition" at Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts,
Selected for "Sankikai Exhibition" at The National Art Center, Tokyo

Jun. 2019: Selected for "Drawing Nature in Japan" at Ueno Royal Museum, Toyonaka City Cultural Center "All Japan Art Open Call Exhibition"Honorable Mention

Jul. 2019: Tokyo New National Art Center "Nichibi Exhibition" Honorable Mention
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Wa Glass = Kimono & Glass

“Wa” means Japanese style, reconcile and peace. The kimono is the world's best works of art which represent “Wa”, created with Japanese spirit and traditional techniques. However, in today's Japanese culture, the chances of wearing a kimono are decreasing, and the work of craftsmen who create the best works of art is lessening. Thus, the number of craftsmen who hand down the best traditional techniques is hard to find. We will bequeath the Japanese spirit and traditional techniques through Wa Glass.

The creation of “Wa Glass”

1. The process of making "Wa Glass" starts from cutting the kimono cloth to the size of the products, and the artist retouches the work as needed to improve its quality and look.
2. After finishing the retouch, sandwich the cloth with special UV protective glass and base material, and finally bake at a low temperature.
3. By sandwiching the kimono cloth with the special UV protective glass, the whole design will have more glow. This special glass will protect kimono cloths from Ultra-Violet. As a result, the colors will not fade and ensure the long-lasting of a Wa Glass.
4. Any questions? Please contact us anytime to know more about us and our products.


We sincerely hope that the world will be peaceful and beautiful by delivering the Japanese spirit and beauty to the world. Thank you, we say “Arigato” for your love and support.
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